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Our Color Palette Inspired by Nature

Our Color Palette Inspired by Nature

Our Unique Color Palette

Perception of color is subjective and highly personal. Our awareness of color, its nuances, and the important role it plays in defining an aesthetic have been shaped from childhood by our artist mother, the noted watercolor painter Anne Adams Robertson Massie, AWS, NWS. We continue to be influenced by her intuitive approach to color, drawing the distinctive colors of our McKinnon and Harris palette directly from nature like a plein air painter, combining warm and cool primary colors mixed with earth tones.

Color and light are inextricably intertwined, and the soft lustre of our specially formulated finish expresses the subtle and artistic nature of our furniture. We draw on native roots in naming our outdoor furniture colors for storied places in our Commonwealth. Inspired by the atmospheric light unique to Virginia, our palette of original colors complements landscapes all over the globe.

Read About Our High Performance Powder Coat Finish

del Palma Color Collection

A happy fantasy of Floridian hues inspired by our love of Palm Beach, available on any McKinnon and Harris product.

Our Distinctive High Performance
Furniture Finish

The McKinnon and Harris High Performance Finish results from the combination of multiple, extraordinary coating processes. We undertake measures unprecedented in the exterior furniture industry to ensure that McKinnon and Harris furniture fulfills the remarkable task of remaining outdoors year-round, in even the most demanding exterior environments. We protect our uncompromising craftsmanship with these exceptional high performance coatings to create high-end outdoor furniture unmatched for longevity and endurance. This proprietary coating technology offers the highest level of corrosion resistance for extreme exposure. More than a quarter century of our research and development have led to the creation of the most effective, environmentally friendly coating applications for corrosion resistance.


McKinnon and Harris utilizes Bonderite® EC² Technology, a revolutionary coating technology from Henkel Corporation. Henkel developed the Bonderite EC² Technology as a stand alone coating utilized in highly corrosive saltwater environments. McKinnon and Harris employs this as an undercoating for our architectural top coating system. The salt spray resistance of this exceptional coating creates a more durable furniture finish compared to traditional technologies used in the market today.


The McKinnon and Harris finish coat, a high performance architectural grade coating, is the result of extensive, accelerated lab testing; South Florida field testing; and an innovative study by the McKinnon and Harris Richmond workshop. The topcoat offers exceptional weather resistance with the highest level of gloss and color retention, a superior level of performance in terms of film integrity, exterior weatherability, and general appearance over a period of many years. Our topcoat passes AAMA standards — the most difficult standards for architectural coatings. McKinnon and Harris is a certified global leader in superior performance architectural powder coating applications.

Our small size combined with our workshop's personal approach to craftsmanship allow us to take these unprecedented steps to create a product of enduring value. The unparalleled result is our high performance aluminum furniture: long lasting, resistant to chipping, fading, and peeling, requiring minimum maintenance.

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