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Why We Are Different

Why We Are Different

We make it with our own hands.

Every piece of McKinnon and Harris furniture is bench-built by craftspeople and made specifically for our clients. As a small workshop we are able to focus on the countless details that are essential to making the most enduring outdoor furniture in the world. Our stringent inspection process gives us complete control over quality and ensures that each piece of furniture meets the highest level of craftsmanship. Although our price may be more costly than some, our furniture will never need to be replaced and it is guaranteed for life.

We do not compromise on performance.

Our fine aluminum bar stock is approximately three times as thick as our competitors’. We use only the highest grade aluminum to ensure strength and longevity. We would never use thin-walled aluminum because it is inherently weaker and would never meet our performance standards. We make extensive use of plug welding, a superior method of construction akin to mortise and tenon joinery. Aluminum bars on many pieces are notched into joints and welded to seal out moisture. Our sophisticated joinery techniques create sturdy furniture that will last for generations. We are one of the only outdoor furniture companies to use these labor intensive techniques – other outdoor furniture companies rely on machines that could never replicate this fine art. We engineer complex drainage systems for many of our pieces to ensure water will easily pass through the frame. Most of our competitors do not have drainage systems which will cause the piece to retain water, potentially leading to permanent damage. We believe so strongly in our furniture that we offer a lifetime warranty while most other outdoor furniture companies do not.

Our finish is unprecedented.

McKinnon and Harris is a certified global leader in superior performance, architectural powder-coating applications. We protect our uncompromising craftsmanship with an exceptional finish, unmatched in longevity and performance. We are the first outdoor furniture company to invest in Henkel Bonderite® EC², a revolutionary and rare coating technology used to protect underwater engine and exhaust system components on submarines and yachts. Each piece of McKinnon and Harris furniture is submerged in a titanium solution and surged with two megawatts of electricity, fusing a perfectly even, all-encompassing titanium deposit to the handcrafted aluminum. This creates a surface impenetrable to corrosion. The EC² process is followed by our proprietary architectural grade powder coating. Our powder coating finishes are applied by hand and go through multiple rounds of intensive inspection to ensure a flawless finish. McKinnon and Harris offers the highest salt air corrosion resistance in the world.

Our cushions are designed to remain outdoors.

Our cushions are designed to remain on the furniture outdoors year-round. Other outdoor furniture companies design cushions with the aim of keeping water out, but water inevitably gets in has no way to drain. Our cushions are specifically designed to make sure water will easily flow through, also allowing for airflow which will keep mildew out. To do this, we use reticulated foam combined with dacron batting wrap, which drains easily and quickly and also holds its shape over time. Other outdoor furniture companies use a poly-filled cushion (meant for indoor use) that does not drain quickly, deteriorates over time, and invites mildew inside. We enclose our cushions with Gore Tenara Thread which resists UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, and acid rain. All of our welt cuts are on a variable bias and have a hidden seam. Many outdoor furniture companies use a polyester thread that is only UV resistant and they do not cut their welt on the bias, thus creating visible seams. All of our cushions are handmade in Richmond, Virginia workshop.

Image of McKinnon and Harris co-founder Will Massie on a Virginia Bench in his backyard

We are a family owned company.

McKinnon and Harris was founded in 1991 by Will Massie and his sister Anne, who were raised in the American South with a love of family tradition, and of the artistry and engineering of heirlooms passed from one generation to the next. Named for Will and Anne's grandmothers, familial inspiration is woven throughout our product design and our culture. We are not a corporate company that seeks profit above everything else. We are fully committed to environmental preservation and protection through the creation of a responsible work environment. We create furniture that will endure, outlast and outperform all other exterior furniture.

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