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Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

Our custom tailored outdoor Throw Pillows are an extension of everything we create, carefully crafted with attention to detail, durability, and superior comfort. Designed to seamlessly complement McKinnon and Harris furniture collections, our Throw Pillows are designed to remain outdoors year round and are handcrafted using the high-performance construction used in our cushions. An added plush layer for a morning coffee meditation on the porch, a cozy headrest for a midsummer afternoon nap poolside or a comfy bolster for an evening chat in the garden, our Throw Pillows are the best of both worlds—indoor comfort and high-performance outdoor luxury, enhancing every moment outside.

SHAPES and Fabrics

Completely customizable down to the trim and the stitching detail, our outdoor Throw Pillows are available in five classic shapes covered in our high-performance fabrics or custom material you specify. Our Italian Performance Fabrics are 100% Acrylic and resistant to fading and loss of strength from exposure to the elements, therefore ensuring optimum durability.

Boxed Edge Round

Boxed Edge Square

Round Bolster

Knife Edge Lumbar

Knife Edge Square


Choose from a selection of custom finishing details including polo stitching, flange, and button tufting, as well as the color of the accent stitching.

Button Tufting

Decorative buttons are available in any arrangement or configuration.

Sewn Stripe

Added stripes in any configuration or fabric choice enliven any shape of pillow.

Spiral Cord

Our detailed spiral cord with hidden seams adds even more glamour to our bespoke outdoor pillows.

Welt Cord

As a mark of quality, our seamless edge welt cord is cut on a bias for optimal smoothness and wrinkle prevention.

Polo Stitching

Pillow edges may be enhanced with blanket stitching detail in Wattle (tan), Scuro (gray), Terre (brown), Dark Indigo (blue), and Swan (white).

Running Stitch

Rows of decorative stitching in any of our polo stitching yarns may be specified in nearly any orientation.

Luggage Stitching

Two parallel rows of top stitching along the seams in clear, black, or customer provided thread bring a tailored detail to every sewn edge. We recommend our standard synthetic PTFE thread for optimum durability.

Large Flange

A 2-inch flange is sewn around the pillow for a classic finish.

Micro Flange

A small, ½ inch flange is sewn around the pillow for a clean finish.

Tape Trim

Contrasting trim in a fabric of your choice is sewn onto the fabric in your detailed specification.

Designed to Endure

Just as our cushions, McKinnon and Harris outdoor throw pillows will hold their shape over time and not pack down. Sewn with PTFE threads, the same used by America’s Cup Yachts, the stitching in our pillows is unaffected by exposure to UV rays, harsh cleaning agents, pollution, saltwater, rain, snow, cold, and rot. Our Throw Pillows, like all of our products, are innovatively designed to last.

We proudly sew all of our outdoor pillows at our workshop in Richmond, Virginia.

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