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We are fully committed to environmental preservation and protection, which for us includes responsible craftsmanship in an environmentally friendly workplace. Driven by innovation, we continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Our efforts and commitment to environmental protection, responsible craftsmanship and design are outlined below.


Engineered to last for many generations, McKinnon and Harris outdoor furniture is innately sustainable. Our furniture is an heirloom quality product, and every frame comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is not the kind of aluminum outdoor furniture that is intended to be discarded and replaced due to wear or outdated trends. Rather, McKinnon and Harris furniture is crafted to endure, and intended to be passed down from one generation to the next. We are committed to producing a product that lasts and will have less impact on the environment in the long run.


Our EC2 substrate conversion coating eliminates the need for chromate and at least one layer of paint. Chromate has been the industry standard for metal pretreatment for many years, but is now known to be carcinogenic to humans and toxic to the environment. McKinnon and Harris has never used a chromate coating on our outdoor aluminum furniture.

Unlike liquid paint, our architectural grade powder coating is a solvent-free process with no volatile organic compound emissions, meaning absolutely no harmful fumes are released into the atmosphere. McKinnon and Harris architectural grade powder coating passes AAMA standards – the most meticulous standards for architectural coating. None of our processes release toxic or harmful fumes.


Aluminum is the most abundant metal naturally derived from the earth. It is 100% recyclable, making it the most recyclable of all materials. About 75% of all aluminum produced since 1825 is still in use due to its infinite recyclability and lifecycle loop.

The amount of recycled aluminum in our furniture varies depending on the alloy and the product. Typically, the amount of recycled aluminum can range from 15 to 50 percent depending on the product form. We have very specific performance criteria for our high grade aluminum bar stock and do not purchase material which may not meet our performance standards.

McKinnon and Harris recycles all internally produced aluminum scrap. We recover even the smallest particles of aluminum for recycling. We use very expensive alloys, which means our scrap can be blended into other products for higher strength.

100% of our Dacron® batting and reticulated foam scraps are collected and returned for recycling. All cardboard, bottles, paper and plastic containers are recycled.


The McKinnon and Harris client is a curator rather than a consumer. Pieces are chosen with great care and a philosophy of long term ownership, rather than a disposable mentality.

We encourage clients to maintain their furniture to ensure generations of enjoyment. With each furniture order, we include a Care and Maintenance Kit containing detailed outdoor furniture care instructions to prolong the life of every piece.

Our Spa Treatment accommodates clients who wish to change the look of their McKinnon and Harris furniture, or refresh its appearance after many years of use. Rather than being replaced, the handcrafted outdoor furniture can be refurbished and recoated. We want to end the cycle of discarding and replacing, and promote responsible consumerism.


Our rehabilitation of a 1940s era structure preserved historic and long-lasting materials rather than expending additional energy on new construction materials. Energy efficient windows, skylights, roof monitors, doors and roofing materials make the building’s envelope more energy efficient and weather resistant. The headquarters and workshop are a further testament to the company’s philosophy that longevity of materials and construction may be the most important aspect of sustainability.

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