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Careers at McKinnon & Harris

Careers at McKinnon & Harris

Our Craftspeople

In 1991, McKinnon and Harris opened in the heart of historic Richmond, Virginia. Our craftspeople are still recognized for their attention to the smallest detail, reverence for beautiful craftsmanship, and great pride in exceptional work. Our craftspeople are the heart and soul of McKinnon and Harris. Their passion for uncompromising craftsmanship and esteem for the artistic process is the motivation behind handcrafting our remarkable outdoor furniture. Their intimate understanding of aluminum is coupled with a sensitivity and respect for bending, shaping, forming, and welding this magical material. The craftspeople at McKinnon and Harris take great pride in building something beautiful, crafted to last without exception. The passion to handcraft our singular product lies ultimately in the spirit of these remarkable people who make luxury furniture day after day. McKinnon and Harris craftspeople are true artists and may have trained for years in the workshop to attain the level of master craftsperson. Our artisans are the best in the world.

Explore Craftsmanship

McKinnon and Harris craftsperson bending aluminum
McKinnon and Harris Product Design team reviewing sketches McKinnon and Harris sewists using the CNC machine

Our Culture

The small nature of our company allows us to operate as a family with true passion for our employees. We seek to be the thriving home for talented individuals who aspire to be the best at what they do. Everything we do comes from a personal, authentic place and we truly care about our people, our product and our craft. Our team is constantly creating and collaborating together to ensure our clients only receive the best. We have a highly talented, diverse group of people who are artists in their own right.

Career Opportunities

We are always seeking to grow the McKinnon and Harris family. We strive to recruit and retain talented individuals who share our same passion for craftsmanship, artistry and permanence.

Don’t see a position currently? We’re always looking for the right people.
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