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Director of Business Development

Job Description

We are a growing, successful business that manufactures products of extraordinary quality for the high-net-worth luxury market. Do you have the requisite skills and the passion to cultivate powerful connections and reap the rewards?

You’ve already delivered an enviable track record of successful business results based on leveraging your talent for building a network. Interpersonal skills come easily. When you walk into a room, the energy seems to flow in your direction. Almost like a magnet, you command attention, without effort. You see the value new friends offer as potential referral sources and strangers are really friends you’ve not yet met. You’ve learned how and where to allocate your time and energy to deliver the maximum return on your efforts.

Lately you’ve been feeling limited in your current environment. Perhaps you feel held back because you need to represent the level of quality in products and service that you can naturally reflect. It is time to join a team that more closely aligns with your values and aesthetic.

You enjoy helping others when it makes sense to do it, because it just makes you feel better. At McKinnon and Harris, you can be part of a high functioning team that supports each other to produce, represent, and deliver world class products with an exceptional focus on quality.

This is the opportunity you’ve been seeking, where your exceptional talent will be recognized and your efforts will be truly rewarded. Join a team that makes a difference in an exclusive market. It’s where you belong.

Bachelor’s degree, business, or related field, or equivalent experience. A minimum of 5 years outside sales experience. Must possess excellent verbal/written communications and organizational skills. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and CRM Software (Salesforce, a plus).

Dedication and loyalty to previous employers is a must. Job hoppers are not eligible for consideration. Must be based in the Los Angeles or Dallas areas.

About Our Company

McKinnon and Harris is the leading manufacturer of high performance aluminum outdoor furniture for estates, gardens, and yachts in the US and abroad. A family owned company founded in 1991, McKinnon and Harris has devoted the last quarter century to pioneering techniques in aluminum in order to create their enduring furniture.

Innovation, artisan craftsmanship with uncompromising standards, and the highest quality materials have always distinguished McKinnon and Harris. The furniture is produced to exacting standards in their Richmond, Virginia workshop by master craftspeople. The company is noted worldwide for their adherence to exceptional standards, and their small workshop is a well-kept secret known to connoisseurs and designers and architects working at the highest level. McKinnon and Harris is regarded as the gold standard for luxury outdoor furniture and is appreciated and sought after by discerning high profile clients worldwide.

McKinnon and Harris offers exceptional benefits which include a bonus, 401K and profit sharing plan, top health and dental plans, health savings account, life insurance and vacation.


We'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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