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AquaLeather® is an outdoor water-resistant leather-like material with an extraordinarily soft and supple hand. Its unique ability to stay cool to the touch and resist fading over extended periods of exposure to sunlight makes it the perfect choice for estate outdoor furniture.

With a Martindale rating of 180,000 cycles, an antimicrobial effect that inhibits the growth of bacteria, and resistance to cleaning, disinfection, chlorinated and salt water, AquaLeather® is a remarkably durable outdoor textile.

AquaLeather® is Indoor Advantage® Gold certified and has no PVCs, no POPs, no PBDEs, no HFRs. It meets the most stringent VOC standards and has no Phthalates, plasticizers, heavy metals or stabilizers. It has no toxic by-products and is made in an ISO 9001 certified mill.

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