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Enduring Craftsmanship.
Heirloom Artistry.

Enduring Craftsmanship.
Heirloom Artistry.

Our Outdoor Furniture Collections

Every handcrafted collection we create is inspired by indelible family memories of time spent outdoors. We name pieces for everyone we have loved — family members, treasured friends, an adored childhood pet. The collection of McKinnon and Harris outdoor furniture is like a family, one piece having a relationship to another.

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Beaufort outdoor furniture collection on a patio


In our family, it’s hard to imagine an outdoor event without a dog present. We named Beaufort for our beloved childhood Gordon Setter who had a nose for a comfortable seat. We imagined a throne-like chair that would be everyone’s first choice. Comfort was foremost in our minds. It’s a family favorite found in both our co-founders Will and Anne’s home gardens.

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deCamp outdoor furniture collection facing a pool and mountains


The first chairs we ever owned were an antique pair that belonged to Polly deCamp Moore, a family friend remembered with great affection. This sleek modern classic of round lines and dramatic angles honors her lasting influence. Elegantly edited in form yet remarkably complex in construction, our deCamp Collection requires precise skill in fabrication from our workshop to meet our exacting standards of quality and comfort.

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duVal outdoor furniture collection on a stone porch


Our original duVal Collection is generously scaled seating designed with the ability to compose large sectional sofa ensembles, or stand separately as individual seats in the garden. Our duVal back design features our signature duVal panel of diagonal treillage set within a stepped architectural framework with bespoke Moorish, Mughal, Persian Star, and Quadrato Panels available.

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Fayette outdoor furniture collection on a wooden patio


An admired French Art Deco chair inspired our Fayette. We’ve always loved the glamour of the 1930s and that decade's strong connection between luxury and technology. Around a bit earlier, Marquis de Lafayette was the first French friend we ever learned about in school.

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Rives outdoor furniture collection behind a stone estate


Named for family friend and Virginia diplomat James Rives Childs. A Renaissance man for the ages, he was the world authority on Casanova and Chargé d'Affaires for Morocco during WWII. Our great aunt Ootie, remarkable in her own right, was close pals with Rives and his wife Georgianna. We wanted an inspired story for a very special pair of outdoor chairs.

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Tangier outdoor furniture collection on a stone porch


The Tangier signature eight sided columnar base reflects our Virginia roots. This estate furniture collection recalls the octagon, a favored form of Thomas Jefferson, representative of perfect symmetry and efficiency of materials. We named our Tangier for an unchanged island in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, whose inhabitants still speak with traces of an English accent.

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Otey outdoor reclining chair by a pool


We named the Otey Collection for our dear family friend – the cosmopolitan, brilliant Elizabeth Otey Watson. Nicknamed “E,” she combined stylish elements from her time in Shanghai with her native Virginia charm, and the resulting combination was electric. Our signature Otey back design is inspired by Chinoiserie fretwork with arms that reference the Regency period.

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Perrow outdoor furniture collection by privacy bushes


We named these sleek modern pieces for our forward thinking and tenacious French ancestors. We love stripes and the Perrow raised banding is our translation in enduring aluminum. The highly edited details are pure McKinnon and Harris style and high performance.

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Suhling outdoor furniture collection on a stone patio by bushes


Every day growing up, we walked through a portico supported by fluted columns with tobacco leaf capitals. The proportions were perfection. We channeled this classical vibe into our Suhling. The name Suhling comes from the builder of our childhood home – Shirley Moore Suhling – who, we were always told, had flawless taste.

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duVal-Alexander outdoor furniture collection near greenery and brick wall

duVal Alexander

Our mash-up of two admired branches of our family, we combined the duVal tradition of sectional seating with the modern Alexander aesthetic of a lower back height and slightly more shallow seat depth. Robustly proportioned and linear, the duVal-Alexander repeats our signature duVal panel of treillage, with bespoke options available.

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