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Otey outdoor reclining chair by a pool


We named the Otey Collection for our dear family friend – the cosmopolitan, brilliant Elizabeth Otey Watson. Nicknamed “E,” she combined stylish elements from her time in Shanghai with her native Virginia charm, and the resulting combination was electric. Our signature Otey back design is inspired by Chinoiserie fretwork with arms that reference the Regency period.

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Carroll outdoor furniture collection on a stone patio by brick walls


This high style contemporary table has characteristic McKinnon and Harris clean lined understatement. Ziggurat geometry inspired the stepped base edges. The Carroll name comes from our great grandmother’s brother-in-law, John W. Carroll, reputedly the very first millionaire in our home town. He was a cabinetmaker before he became a wealthy tobacconist.

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Suhling outdoor furniture collection on a stone patio by bushes


Every day growing up, we walked through a portico supported by fluted columns with tobacco leaf capitals. The proportions were perfection. We channeled this classical vibe into our Suhling. The name Suhling comes from the builder of our childhood home – Shirley Moore Suhling – who, we were always told, had flawless taste.

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Perrow outdoor furniture collection by privacy bushes


We named these sleek modern pieces for our forward thinking and tenacious French ancestors. We love stripes and the Perrow raised banding is our translation in enduring aluminum. The highly edited details are pure McKinnon and Harris style and high performance.

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Virginia bench on a gravel path

Virginia Benches

The pieces that started it all. We founded our workshop to build the most enduring garden furniture in the world. Our grandmother always said, a garden wasn’t a garden until it had a bench. Our signature Virginia crest rail, drawn from a prized family chair, alludes to a pagoda roofline. There are certain things only a small workshop can do, little details that must be undertaken by hand, and this is one of them. Drawn from our archives, the garden bench collection shares complex design elements masterfully executed by our workshop.

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Albemarle outdoor furniture collection by a pool


Our artisans shape the robust Albemarle base by hand. Solid aluminum feet and extra heavy wall construction bring additional stability. And for something so enduring, we named it for a place very close to our hearts – Albemarle, county seat of our birthplace.

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Buie outdoor furniture collection on a back porch


Our Scottish roots inspired the Buie Collection, named for Ella McPhail Buie, our grandmother’s charming and erudite niece. Pronounced “boo-ee,” the name derives from gaelic “buidhe” for the color yellow. Perhaps best known is "golden drink" Drambuie, famed honeyed whiskey of our McKinnon clan.

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Wyatt outdoor furniture collection near a brick fireplace


The Wyatt Collection of tables continues our Grandmother Wyatt’s Sunday afternoon tradition of al fresco celebrations, when a hunt board heaped with refreshments would be moved into her boxwood garden at Lone Jack Farm. Her unique style and hospitality was the epitome of unfussy, rustic elegance and is something we try to duplicate in our own garden entertaining.

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Spotswood outdoor furniture table against a brick wall


A sophisticated hunt board for the garden in the tradition of gracious Virginia hospitality. Classical columns and pilasters in the Tuscan order support our signature Adams Big Top at the traditional height from which hunters could comfortably enjoy the feast without dismounting. Spotswood is where we spent our earliest years and the location of our very first forays in building things.

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Pavilion X & VI outdoor furniture long sofas near trees

Pavilion X & VI

Drawing heavily on Roman classical architecture and forever influencing Virginia architecture, Jefferson designed ten elegant Pavilions flanking the Rotunda and extending the length of the The Lawn at University of Virginia. We drew details for our Pavilion VI and Pavilion X Collections from Jefferson’s antique source, the Roman Theater of Marcellus.

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