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Ardlussa & Inverlussa outdoor furniture collection near plants and a fountain

Ardlussa & Inverlussa

Important Caisse de Versailles with classic McKinnon and Harris lines, our Ardlussa Palm Box recalls a very special place on the remote Western Hebridean isle of Jura. Our McNeill clan called their Jura seat “Ardlussa,” Gaelic meaning “height above the River Lussa." A family visit inspired our Ardlussa Palm Box which evokes the feeling of our ancient ancestral home. We named our Inverlussa Palm Box for the village at the mouth of the Lussa River, the wild isle of Jura’s spate river noted for Guinness hued pools. We love growing plants in pots in our own gardens and wanted something incredibly lasting.

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Maury outdoor furniture collection by a vine covered wall


A drive along the mythically beautiful Maury River was a favorite family outing when we were children. Its passage through Goshen is truly unspoiled and our Maury Dining Table is as timeless and authentic. Combining maritime styling with precision construction, our tailored Maury Table recalls a ship binnacle.

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Parsons outdoor furniture collection on a gravel patio near trees


Parsons tables were all the rage when we were young and we felt pretty hip to even have one, but it was acrylic and didn’t last. Our version is very enduring. We call it our modernist ode to basic practicality, constructed in ultra heavy aluminum to ensure endurance. With perfect proportions, our Parsons is the ultimate table with a 1930s French accent.

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Douglas & Graves outdoor furniture collection near a bush wall

Douglas & Graves

We named the Douglas for our esteemed grandfather who was upright in character and ideals, and devoted to family. Always optimistic and looking ahead, we know he would really love a chair with an arch pointing skyward. A chair once owned by our grandfather’s law partner, Edward S. Graves, was the inspiration behind these chairs. At their heart is the distinctive Gothic scalloped edges, a unique ornamental detail accentuating the chair’s playful, decorative sophistication. The original source dates to the 18th century, but like all enduring design, our garden version remains timeless.

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Hepplewhite outdoor furniture collection on a stone patio


Inspired by the neoclassical designs of George Hepplewhite. We imagined a timeless, indispensable garden table – kind of like having our own mini butler. The inset tapered legs and apron are details inspired by a neoclassical sewing table.

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Cowling outdoor furniture collection on a stone patio


Named for Willis Cowling, our late 18th century Richmond cabinetmaking ancestor, the Cowling perfectly illustrates what our workshop’s master artisans call “hidden luxury”, where consummate craftsmanship and engineering create simplicity and subtle understatement.

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Pharr outdoor curved sofa sitting on the beach


We named the Pharr for our great great grandfather David Pharr Robertson, whose Virginia home had the romantic name “Waveland”. The majestic sweep of the Pharr is emphasized by its dramatic minimalism.

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Skye outdoor furniture collection in evening light by an estate


A baronial table, the Skye Dining Table offers all the gracious hospitality of that magical Hebridean Isle from which it takes its name. The dramatic flair of the substantial legs makes the table perfect for any grand setting.

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Feolin & Toler outdoor chairs and table in a grassy lawn

Feolin & Toler

Named for the Feolin Ferry that traverses the Sound of Islay, the only regular passenger vehicle service to the Hebridean Isle of Jura. This wild and remote island is noted for its native red deer population, and the slender proportions and contemporary linearity of the Feolin remind us of this untouched eternal place.

Our great-great-grandfather, Richard Henry Toler Adams, inspired our Toler Table. The banded column is a restrained detail we appropriated from a beautiful walking stick – a family gift marking the commencement of work on the Panama Canal in 1869.

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Lark outdoor bench and table by a privacy bush


Our great great great grandfather was a surgeon in the War of 1812 and Lark was his favorite horse, his only steed that would stand under fire. We wanted to invoke this same kind of steadfast durability with a table designed to stand by a sofa.

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