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Centuries of Textiles Heritage, Refined for the Outdoors

Italian craftsmanship and artistry have long been an inspiration and passion for the co-founders of McKinnon and Harris. Decorative elements and antiquities—many purchased in Italy during family visits—delight guests to both our headquarters in Richmond and co-founder Will Massie’s home and garden. Our appreciation of Italy’s heritage in art, architecture, gardening, metalworking, and textiles has informed our design and craftsmanship over three decades of creating the world’s finest outdoor furniture.

Co-founders' Anne and Will in Italy, purchasing Terra Cotta pots
Co-founders' Anne and Will in Italy, purchasing Terra Cotta pots


Northern Italian regions near Milan have been the center of textiles manufacturing in Italy for a thousand years, with the finest mills located at the foothills of the Alps. Pristine freshwater rivers in this region provide water of exceptional cleanliness and low-mineral content to wash the textiles, resulting in fabrics of the highest quality and softness. Craftsmanship standards, drafted by textile-makers' guilds for their members, and a cultural boost from the Italian Renaissance gave rise to the industry we know today.

Dora Baltea River in Piedmont, Italy
Dora Baltea River in Piedmont, Italy


When we decided to launch our own fabrics line, craftsmanship and performance were paramount as each of our materials must meet our standards for performance. When we discovered a third-generation family mill producing exquisite fabrics in the Piemonte region of Italy, we had to learn more about their heritage and process. We were delighted to find that we shared the same passion for creating sustainable, enduring products of the finest quality.

McKinnon and Harris neutral fabrics stacked in a pile
Close-up image of our Red Canoe Terracotta Fabric
Our Italian Performance Fabrics

A modern mill

Crafted by Italian artisans, as wool and cotton textiles have been for centuries, our mill uses modern 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns, paired with Alpine waters to produce fabrics that have the hand and character of indoor fabrics with the outdoor performance and endurance we demand for our furniture.

La Dolce Vita Moon neutral Fabric
Our blue striped Mediterraneo Lapis fabric
(Left) La Dolce Vita Moon and (Right) Mediterraneo Lapis

Our curated fabrics collections, available in a wide range of styles, weaves, and colorways reflect their Italian inspiration; Cielo and La Dolce Vita are top sellers, while Porto and Mediterraneo are fresh and bright additions. Others, such as Duck Duck Goose Dandelion, Summer Camp Berry Pie, and Narrows Nautical reflect our fondness for gardening, yachting, outdoor fun and relaxation.

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