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The Magic of Outdoor Performance Fabrics

Striking the perfect balance between luxury design and high-performance has been our guiding force since the establishment of McKinnon and Harris in 1991. We strive to create outdoor furniture and performance fabrics of unparalleled quality, utilizing old world techniques in tandem with the never ending quest for technical innovation.

McKinnon and Harris Textile Production  - Image of Craftspeople
Dylan Hahn Upholstery Engineer sewing a throw pillow
Craftspeople Sarah Reyes and Xander Dotson, Upholstery Engineer Dylan Hahn

When it came time to develop our own line of indoor-outdoor performance fabrics, we knew to go directly to the epicenter of luxury textile production, Italy. Blessed with the softest waters in Europe, sourced from the Alps and renowned for its purity, northern Italy became the land of weavers over a millenia ago. Though textile production is an ancient technique, technological advances have enabled us to attain the same sophistication and beauty of old world fabrics, while achieving a level of durability that is second to none.

Dora Baltea River in Piedmont, Italy
Dora Baltea River in Piedmont, Italy

Our fabrics are engineered from solution dyed acrylics - a unique technology whereby liquid acrylic solution is mixed with dye before being formed into a fiber, and spun into yarn. This state-of-the-art process creates water-resistant, colorfast, and soft fibers that defy stains and damage from UV exposure. The long fibers provide greater flexibility and a softer hand, thus elevating our outdoor fabrics to closely resemble a fine linen, a supple velvet or even a fluffy bouclé. For an outdoor fabric to be equally suitable for indoor use is a fairly miraculous nod to modern production techniques.

In an effort to demystify the process of selecting fabrics for your home and outdoor living space, we asked our fabric engineer, Dylan Hahn, what key factors one should consider. We share his insights below:


Your first consideration should be where and how the fabric will be used. Will it endure elemental exposure? If so, I suggest a more durable fabric in a forgiving color that may hide debris between cleanings, such as La Dolce Vita Burrow. If the fabric is to be placed in an intimate setting to be enjoyed by a select few, I would suggest a softer fabric, such as our Caterpillar Swan, which features comforting boucle loops amidst a gentle white texture.


Comfort is paramount, especially when considering our cut yardage for use in an indoor living space. Because our fabrics are constructed of long fibers, its softness is a key quality that sets us apart from other brands offering outdoor fabrics. If you are looking for a more cozy fabric option, Teddy Bear is very plush and available in crisp white as well as a carefully chosen selection of rich hues. We also offer Deck Blankets in a variety of styles.


At McKinnon and Harris, we offer a great range of fabrics that compliment our furniture finish colors and are sophisticated enough for use on any upholstered furnishings. Our color palettes have been refined to express our stylistic approach to interior design. Whether it’s poolside, on a kitchen banquette, or on a sunny yacht deck, we offer patterns that help create an environment unique to your aesthetic. If you are looking for patterns, we might suggest Canoe, which is a tonal herringbone pattern, while Summer Camp is a bold stripe.


Consider whether you would like to include custom fabric throw pillows on your furniture, or if you’d like to include additional details on your fabric for cushions. McKinnon and Harris can produce custom trim options for your upholstery. Sewn stripes, tape trim, and button tufting are a few examples of the elevated details we offer with the same reliable performance as our furniture cushions.

Custom Throw Pillows and Outdoor Performance Blanket on a Couper Club Chair with Croquet Mallet
Wavy shot of off-white Caterpillar Swan Fabric
Custom Throw Pillows finished in La Dolce Vita Swan and Burrow, Caterpillar Swan Fabric
Wavy Shot of Light Gray Fabric Teddy Bear Ash Fabric
deCamp Sofa with Custom Throw Pillows and Outdoor Blanket in Light Gray with Fringe
Teddy Bear Ash Fabric, Cocoon Ash Napa Fringe Deck Blanket
Wavy image of Summer Camp Berry Pie striped fabric
Fabric rolls of Canoe Fabric Collection
Summer Camp Berry Pie Fabric, Canoe Fabric Collection
Custom Throw Pillows

McKinnon and Harris outdoor performance fabrics are available, for registered trade professionals, on our furniture, as well as by-the-yard for landscape and interior design projects.

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