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Our Fondness for Apples

Fall recipe and musings from McKinnon and Harris Co-founder Will Massie.

Apples are at once both the simplest and most complex of fruits. Ubiquitous and with a storied history, they boast more than 7,500 varieties across all corners of the world.

They appear in renowned works of art, with different meanings, ranging from temptation and the fall of man, to the quest for knowledge.

Apples from Silver Creek Orchards in Tyro, Virginia; Images Provided by Silver Creek Orchards
Silver Creek Orchards in Tyro, Virginia; Images Provided by Silver Creek Orchards
Silver Creek Orchards in Tyro, Virginia; Images Provided by Silver Creek Orchards

Growing up, apples always represented connecting with family, friends and cool Virginia autumns. My father grew apple trees, but they never seemed to produce enough apples to satiate our family, friends and varmints on the farm. We often visited our dear family friend’s—the Flippen’s—Silver Creek Orchards in Tyro, Virginia to resupply our stock to make homemade apple butter and cider at our family’s Lone Jack Farm.

My mother always kept a bowl of Golden Delicious apples nearby regardless of the season. With each fresh bowl, my father prepared delicious fried apples.

I hope this recipe evokes the same warm feeling of precious fall memories for you as it does for me.

Dr. William McKinnon Harris Massie
McKinnon and Harris Pavilion Furniture with a basket of green apples next to it


6 Peeled, Cored and Sliced Apples (Golden Delicious are our favorites)
1/2 cup Butter
3/4 cup Sugar
3 teaspoons Cinnamon
Touch of water

Feel free to dial back the butter and sugar depending on your taste and desire for longevity.

Melt butter in the frying pan over medium heat. Add cane sugar and cinnamon. Once sugar dissolves, add apples and a touch of water. Cook until softened.

A tip from Dr. Massie: If in doubt, don't throw them out! Leftover apples are always better the next day as re-heating heightens the flavors.

McKinnon and Harris deCamp Lune Collection on a covered porch
Wyatt Square Side Table with an apple placed on it McKinnon and Harris duVal Collection

Not only are apples an important part of our family's traditions, but they are also woven into McKinnon and Harris' history. Our authentic admiration for the fruit has led us to style it into many of our Virginia-based photos. Many years ago, we shared a taste of our home state with clients and friends near our New York showroom in Manhattan, sending them a selection of Virginia apples in the height of our fall season.

Ashmead Apple Illustration


We find that these marvelous apples are best enjoyed lounging in our Beaufort Club Chair with an extraordinary view of unfolding nature. Especially fitting as Beaufort, our beloved Gordon Setter, particularly relished chewing on this crisp apple.

Stayman Apple Illustration


This classic was the choice apple for our grandmother, Wyatt, grown in her orchard at Lone Jack Farm. Our collection of Wyatt Coffee Tables honors her tradition of plein air entertaining.

Albemarle Pippin Apple Illustration

Albemarle Pippin

A favorite of George Washington, the Albemarle Pippin also caught the royal eye and tastebuds of Queen Victoria. It seems a certain kinship of spirit and place is marked when this regal apple is served from our Albemarle Dining Table.

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