Italian Yachting Performance Fabrics

Italian Yachting Performance Fabrics

Our Italian Yachting Performance Fabrics are sourced from a small, third generation family owned mill in Northern Italy and are 100% solution-dyed acrylic, resisting fading and loss of strength from exposure to the elements. Known for its weaving traditions, the Northern Italian region is home to Europe’s purest low mineral waters which give our fabrics more softness without leaving any residuals. In the foothills of the Alps, our fabrics are made by artisans who share our passion for craftsmanship, sustainability, timeless design, and performance.

All custom outdoor cushions in our Italian Yachting Performance Fabrics have a vinyl open weave mesh underside which releases moisture and allows the cushion to dry more quickly. Swatches are available upon request.

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Barefoot - Duck Egg MH-3507-4420

Barefoot - Navy MH-3507-6260

Barefoot - Mushroom MH-3507-7650

Bunny Rabbit - Terre MH-8009-7650

Bunny Rabbit - Clay MH-8009-7620

Bunny Rabbit - Pale MH-8009-1010

Canoe - Daylight MH-6705-1610

Canoe - Lamb MH-6705-1670

Canoe - Moon MH-6705-2210

Canoe - Sparrow MH-6705-2680

Canoe - Mercury MH-6705-3670

Canoe - Diving MH-6705-4020

Cielo - Lamb MH-6501-1670

Cielo - Moon MH-6501-2210

Cielo - Gosling MH-6501-2220

Cielo - Silver Spoon MH-6501-2630

Cielo - Vineyard MH-6501-3620

Cielo - Pickling MH-6501-3650

Cielo - Mercury MH-6501-3670

Cielo - Pond MH-6501-4040

Cielo - Surf MH-6501-6230

Cielo - Brookie MH-6501-6240

Cielo - Topiary MH-6501-7030

Croquet - Ash MH-2507-2620

Croquet - Dark Indigo MH-2507-6270

Croquet - Clay MH-2507-7620

Duck Duck Goose - Swan MH-1001-1010

Duck Duck Goose - Sun Washed MH-1001-1620

Duck Duck Goose - Ash MH-1001-2640

Duck Duck Goose - Lapis MH-1001-6250

Duck Duck Goose - Clay MH-1001-7620

Duck Duck Goose - Midnight Garden MH-1001-8220

Duck Duck Goose - Dandelion MH-1001-9910

Duck Duck Goose - Meadow MH-1001-9920

Duck Duck Goose - Splashy MH-1001-9930

Duck Duck Goose - Duck Egg MH-1001-4420

Heron - Airy MH-1501-1660

Heron - Duck Egg MH-1501-4420

La Dolce Vita - Daylight MH-7001-1610

La Dolce Vita - Lamb MH-7001-1670

La Dolce Vita - Coin Silver MH-7001-2230

La Dolce Vita - Feather MH-7001-2640

La Dolce Vita - Moon MH-7001-2210

La Dolce Vita - Pickling MH-7001-3650

La Dolce Vita - Tidal Pool MH-7001-4030

La Dolce Vita - Ripple MH-7001-4040

La Dolce Vita - Pruning MH-7001-6235

La Dolce Vita - Quarry MH-7001-7650

La Dolce Vita - Swan MH-7001-1010

May Pole - Marine MH-3807-5610

Mediterraneo - Duck Egg MH-5507-4420

Mediterraneo - Lapis MH-5507-6250

Narrows - Nautical MH-4007-5620

Narrows - Twiggy MH-4007-7610

Porto - Pebble MH-1801-2625

Sailing - Swan MH-0501-1010

Sailing - Beach MH-0501-1630

Sailing - Dark Indigo MH-0501-6270

Sailing - Pergola MH-0501-7060

Sailing - Clay MH-0501-7620

Sailing - Terre MH-0501-7650

Spiaggio - Terre MH-5007-1650

Spiaggio - Ash MH-5007-2610

Spiaggio - Lapis MH-5007-6250

Straits - Marine MH-2007-5630

Summer Camp - Sandcastle MH-3007-1640

Summer Camp - Water MH-3007-3620

Summer Camp - Trophy MH-3007-6220

Uccello - Ash MH-4501-2640

Uccello - Lapis MH-4501-6250

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