Ferrari Batyline® open-weave mesh textile is a fully recyclable product comprised of woven polyester fibers protected with a PVC coating. Ferrari Précontraint technology ensures the textile is immune to both stretching and cracking. It is resistant to UV light, mildew and micro-organisms, and requires minimal maintenance. Textile seats can be replaced in our workshop. Batyline® Textile is available in a range of colors. Swatches are available. Please reach out to your sales representative to request a swatch.

Batyline Close

Close-up of snow colored textile for outdoor furniture

Snow 7407-5001

Close-up of light gray textile for outdoor furniture

Light Gray 7710-50567

Close-up of dark brown textile for outdoor furniture

Dark Brown 7710-50560

Pebble 7710-50566

duVal Yacht Chaise in Lancaster Blue with Batyline® Snow
Fayette Yacht Dining Arm Chair in Gwynn's Island Gray with Batyline® Light Gray
Beaufort Yacht Dining Arm Chair in Classic White with Batyline® Light Gray
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