Aqualeather ®

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AquaLeather® is an outdoor waterproof leather-like material with a soft and supple hand. Its unique ability to stay cool and resist fading over extended periods of exposure to sunlight makes it the perfect choice for outdoor applications.

AquaLeather® is Greenguard® Certified and has no PVCs, no POPs, no PBDEs, no HFRs. It meets the most stringent VOC standards and has no Phthalates, plasticizers, heavy metals or stabilizers. It has no toxic by-products and is made in an ISO 9001 certified mill. AquaLeather® meets or surpasses industry wear standards including bond strength, seam strength and tear strength.

Aqualeather® may slightly deboss when in prolonged contact with edges (of furniture) or other hard surfaces. These indentations may become less pronounced over time.

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