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Warming Up Outdoor Spaces for Autumn

Being most at home in the outdoors, we refuse to let fall’s cooler temperatures chase us inside. Instead, we’ve found clever ways to bring warmth and comfort to our exterior spaces, prolonging the joys of outdoor living just as long as we can.

McKinnon and Harris throw pillows and fabrics surrounding an outdoor firepit
McKinnon and Harris custom throw pillows in our Italian Performance Fabrics
deCamp Lune Sectional around an outdoor firepit in a field at dusk


The quickest way to ready any outdoor space for cooler weather is with a fire. Fire pits add warmth when there is a chill in the air and provide a place to gather around while sipping hot cider or roasting marshmallows.

Beaufort Club Chairs around an outdoor fireplace at nighttime

Our co-founder Will learned how to build fires at their family farmhouse at a young age—from choosing the right type of kindling to selecting a firewood for its aromatic properties.

The very best kind of kindling for a lasting fire can be scavenged in the woods from a downed pine tree. Look for fatwood from the part of the pine tree that retains sap. If fatwood can’t be found, pine cones make another great natural fire starter.

The type of logs that you use in your fire pit or outdoor fireplace are also important. Seasoned oak is often the most popular, but including a little piece of cedar can make your fire aromatic.


If a fire isn’t fitting for your space, outdoor heaters are an ideal alternative to keep the chill at bay. Will exchanges his market umbrella for two propane outdoor heaters to keep his terrace warm and inviting throughout the cooler months.

McKinnon and Harris Teddy Bear Lapis outdoor deck blanket
deCamp sofa with custom throw pillows and McKinnon and Harris deck blanket

cozy accessories

Soft layers of blankets and throw pillows crafted in a performance fabric can withstand being outdoors and create a cozy atmosphere. “McKinnon and Harris outdoor deck blankets are truly dreamy and are all about relaxing and curling up outside,” shares Will.

Alfresco dining with string lights

adding ambiance with light

The autumn night sky brings a flicker all on its own, making it a perfect time of year for stargazing. Will enjoys lighting candles outdoors in the evenings rather than using artificial lights to create a gentle glow that won’t drown out the starry night sky.

Beaufort Club Chairs around an outdoor fireplace at nighttime

We love how these pierced lanterns project a dazzling display of light and shadow when illuminated from within by a glowing candle.

Our photoshoot at this Palm Beach home designed by architect David Neff was inspired by the late designer Bill Willis. Styled as a Moroccan retreat, the design transports the beholder to a warmer climate no matter the season.

Placing a multitude of votives with tea lights throughout the garden is another elegant and simple way to create a soft light.

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