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The First Outdoor Sectional on the Worldwide Market

Leading up to our 30th anniversary, we are celebrating the most revolutionary moments of McKinnon and Harris so far, beginning with the story behind our duVal Sectional Ensemble.

Introduced in 2004, our iconic duVal sectional was groundbreaking: the very first outdoor sectional on the worldwide market. The duVal was born from the idea of wanting to divide outdoor spaces into garden rooms, similar to how hedges, walls and treillage define a space.

Armless duVal Furniture placed in a courtyard


During a family trip to Florence, co-founders Will and Anne enjoyed the unbelievable views of the Arno and Ponte Vecchio from Hotel Lungaro’s outdoor seating area, where two sofas were pushed together to create a private space for hotel guests, apart from the adjacent public area. This unique arrangement inspired Will and Anne to begin thinking about how to use furniture to organically divide an outdoor space into separate garden rooms.

Co-founder Will Massie with wife and daughter in Florence, Italy
View from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy McKinnon and Harris co-founders Will and Anne Massie in Florence, Italy with family


And so began the creation of the duVal Sectional Ensemble. The corner chairs presented the greatest challenge, as they determined the depth and size of the seating for each modular piece. Perfecting the formula for this corner chair and the stepped back frame took time and hard work.

duVal Sectional Ensemble

The duVal’s signature diagonal lattice back was inspired by French art of treillage, with its elegant architectural distinction. Will’s garden is also wrapped in walls of treillage, creating a sense of privacy with an airy, timeless style.

Over the years, additional bespoke back panels were introduced to further the customization of the duVal: the Moorish, Quadrato, Persian Star and Mughal back. With its bespoke panel options and ever changing seating arrangements, the duVal gives free rein to creative expression. Since its introduction, the duVal Collection quickly rose to bestseller status and remains a client favorite globally.

duVal Sofa finished in Classic White with Moorish Back
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