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Outdoor Performance Artistry

We take great pride in the relationship we have built with our Italian textile mill. Selected for their deep experience in natural fibers, our fabrics combine the expertise of weaving linen with the desirable performance characteristics of 100% acrylic. The remarkable softness is a result of the length of our partner mill's acrylic fibers, which are longer than our competitors. This provides greater flexibility and a softer hand, thus elevating our outdoor performance acrylics to closely resemble an artisanal linen, a supple velvet or even a fluffy bouclé.

McKinnon and Harris Outdoor Italian Performance Fabrics
McKinnon and Harris Canoe Italian Performance Fabric in the Terracotta colorway
Selection of Italian Performance Fabrics and Canoe Terracotta

Acrylic, A Brilliant Material

Similar to the way a broad spectrum sunscreen can protect our skin in daylight by physically deflecting the sun’s rays, acrylic, by its nature, has material properties that deflect UV rays from settling into itself. It takes many years for acrylic to be affected by UV rays and we perform rigorous independent testing to ensure that our fibers endure at perfect or near perfect levels for a prolonged period of time. As such, we guarantee our fabric for a period of six years.

James Tall Chair in Regatta Camel
Moodboard for McKinnon and Harris Porto Italian Performance Fabric in the Equator colorway
Porto Equator and Heron Duck Egg

Fabric Weight

We have more than 130 different performance fabric offerings, all of which are suitable for indoor/outdoor upholstery and indoor/outdoor drapery. Dimensional fabrics such as Ocean Swell (55 ounces per yard) and Thicket (39 ounces per yard) are on the heavier side, whereas fabrics such as Duck Duck Goose (13 ounces per yard) work well for drapery.

McKinnon and Harris Toccare Italian Performance Fabric Collection in our signature Swan Colorway, upholstered on throw pillows
Throw Pillows in our Toccare Collection (left) and Fabric Drapes in Narrows Nautical (right)

protecting your fabric

Care needs to be taken with our acrylic fabric to ensure prolonged use. Residue on the fabric surface like soap, bleach, food, or pollen can soak into the fiber and become tarnished by the UV rays. It is important to regularly vacuum your fabric and keep it covered during the off-season, particularly if upholstered furniture is living in a sheltered location. Rain is our friend and can naturally help to rid the surface of acrylic fibers from contaminating materials.

Image showcasing the McKinnon and Harris Cocoon Swan deck blanket's performance capabilities
McKinnon and Harris Toccare Collection in our signature Swan Colorway

A Final Note: UFAC/NFPA Ratings

Both of these tests measure flammability for purposes of commercial application. McKinnon and Harris fabrics receive a “Class 1” rating because our acrylic textiles suffer a very minimal amount of charring from exposure to a lit cigarette when conducted on an upholstery mockup.

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