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7 Ways to Create an Outdoor Sanctuary

Now more than ever, our homes have become a place of refuge. We believe the garden possesses a healing nature that is soothing to the soul. Our gardens have always been our sanctuaries. Below are some of our favorite ways to create a place of solace in any outdoor space.

Our Tips for Creating an Outdoor Sanctuary

1. Set a vase of fresh flowers, greenery, or potted plants on the table for added harmony. Our co-founder, Will Massie, even keeps a couple of pet bonsais on the tables in his garden. “I love the way bonsai add a sense of contemplation and age to a garden,” he says.

Co-founder Will Massie's Backyard
Beaufort Club Chairs with the Wyatt Coffee Table

2. Bring in colors that inspire you. Bright pops of colorful fabric or vividly hued blooms can show off your personality and influence your mood, harnessing a sense of calm or creativity.

duVal Club Chair and duVal-Alexander Sofa in a backyard garden
duVal Sectional Ensemble with Wyatt Oval Coffee Table

3. Opt for an ottoman to put your feet up for truly laid back lounging. “Comfort is first and foremost,” says co-founder Anne Massie. “The comfort factor dictates everything and can include creating a spot with shade, placing a bench in a beautiful sight line and at the place in the garden where you want to sit and admire the view, rest from your work, or even collect your tools while working.”

Couper Club Chair finished in Classic White
Couper Club Chairs paired with a Couper Ottoman

4. Incorporate a variety of textures in both plant surroundings and furniture, such as the organic patterns in our Technical Stone tops, the carved look of our Albemarle Dining Table’s feet or the fluted sides of our Suhling Table.

Albemarle Dining Table with Technical Stone Top and Beaufort Yacht Dining Chairs
Beaufort Yacht Dining Chairs with the Albemarle Dining Table and Calacatta Technical Stone Top

5. Light candles in the evening for instant ambience. Anne often uses antique Moroccan lanterns lit with tea lights around her terrace and in a line on the lawn forming a path to the pool, whereas the soft sparkle of glass votives lit with tea lights can be found in the evenings throughout Will’s garden.

Beaufort Club Chairs and Wyatt Coffee Table on a patio at nighttime with candles lit and an outdoor fireplace
Beaufort Club Chairs and duVal Alexander Sofa with the Wyatt Coffee Table

6. Use potted plants to strategically define and accentuate the space, such as our elegant palm boxes. “Palm boxes help to define a room,” says Will Massie, “they are perfect to punctuate a room or create structure on a large terrace.”

duVal-Alexander Club Chairs and Sofa paired with a Wyatt Oval Coffee Table with lower shelf
duVal Alexander Sofa and Club Chairs with Ardlussa Palm Boxes and Wyatt Oval Coffee Table

7. Create an environment that welcomes your favorite activities. Sun chaises and cozy nooks to curl up in compliment reading, an open lawn provides space to play fetch with your four-legged best friend, and a variety of plants to tend to are a gardener’s dream. “Focus on the garden tasks that you really enjoy,” says Anne Massie, “I love to prune, it feels so artistic.”

Beaufort Sun Chaise on grass
Beaufort Sun Chaises with Wyatt Round Side Table
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