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Embracing La Dolce Vita: The Thirza Collection

This is an exciting month at McKinnon and Harris, as we celebrate the launch of our Thirza Collection. A culmination of the inspiration collected through numerous family trips to Italy, this collection reflects co-founder Will Massie’s longstanding fondness for the Mediterranean region and honors the Italian way of life – one that reveres history, art, craftsmanship and family.

“The Italians truly embrace la dolce vita. They appreciate spending time with family and have a passion for fine materials and hand-craftsmanship, principles that are also core to our values at McKinnon and Harris.”

Will Massie, Co-founder and CEO

The primary designer, Colin Knight, referenced this inspiration from Will’s travels in the Mediterranean region, along with influences from mid-century modern and traditional American furniture design to create this distinctive new introduction.

We chose to name the collection for two influential women in Colin’s family. Thirza is a name shared by his mother and grandmother, both artists and craftspeople themselves who inspired his passion for design and handcraft.

Ponte Vecchio photograph taken on a family trip to Florence in 1998.


Drawing inspiration from the sculptures of Giacometti, Ancient Etruscan Thrones, The Medici Coat of Arms, and Will’s own collection of carved marble, limestone and ceramic spheres from across the world, the essence of the Thirza Collection design is in the details.

Primary Designer Colin Knight with his original drawings of the collection.

The Finials

The Medici “spheres” are prevalent throughout Florence. In times of political instability, the Florentine showed their appreciation for the family by screaming Palle! Palle! Palle! (Balls! Balls! Balls!).

Will has been collecting spheres for years, incorporating them into the design of our showrooms, and his own garden. Will even carried one famed set of spheres for five miles through the antique markets in France, when he wasn’t able to find a cab.

The Apron

The apron and frame of the Thirza dining armchair recall ancient Etruscan forms. The Etruscans built bronze thrones and chariots that were used throughout the Mediterranean.

The Spindles

The spindles are reminiscent of Giacometti and his humanistic and modern forms.

The Cushions

The Mid-Century modern design influence is reflected in the curved, organic shape and structure of the cushions. The tufting exemplifies a classic, yet relaxed sophistication that evokes the Mediterranean culture.

Living spaces in the Mediterranean region are balanced between the in and out of doors, and with that in mind, our Thirza Collection expresses the easy luxury of a culture we greatly admire and aspire to emulate.

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