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Behind the Scenes: Spring 2019 Photoshoot at Oak Spring

We experienced a once in a lifetime photoshoot last summer at Bunny Mellon's extraordinary Oak Spring. A botanist's dream with extensive gardens, greenhouse, and garden library, Oak Spring is the work of a gifted gardener with unrivaled taste. Though not formally trained, Bunny was celebrated for her love of gardens and her influential landscape designs that included Oak Spring and the redesign of the White House Rose Garden at the behest of her dear friend Jacqueline Kennedy. We spent several days there from sunrise to sunset and were enthralled with everything – the cake house, pruned fruit trees in the orchards, the reflecting pools, croquet lawn, basket house – we could go on and on. This iconic garden, not open to the public, is in Upperville, Virginia and not too far from the McKinnon and Harris workshop. It was the most perfect location to showcase our garden furniture, especially the new Virginia Bench Collection.

A behind the lens image of McKinnon and Harris co-founder, Anne Massie, directing photography our Virginia Bench with Keswick Back under Bunny's famous crab apple alleé.
Photographer, Kip Dawkins, smiling for a photo.
Randy Embry, Bunny Mellon's head gardener at Oak Spring, stopped by for an impromptu garden bench test sit! He graciously let us borrow the beautiful herb topiaries grown at Oak Spring for props in our photographs.
Bunny cultivated herb topiary in the greenhouse at Oak Spring. (We learned that all kinds of Oak Spring flora and fruit were delivered by the Mellon's personal jet to faraway friends!)
Morning light illuminating a cordon apple tree espaliered in the Square Garden; and Anne Massie, styling our Beaufort Club Chair, Pavilion X Sofa, and Perrow Square Side Table.
The Rose Garden adjacent to the Main House.
The apple trees were laden with the most beautiful apples when we were there in August.
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