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A Modern Guide to Loggia Living

As Southerners, we are big proponents of outdoor living and treat our patios, terraces, verandas, decks, loggias and lanais as extensions of the home. The real beauty of these areas is their role as a bridge between indoor and outdoor living. We view each space as a welcoming refuge. A place to dine al fresco with good company, or to simply enjoy little luxuries such as a good book or refreshing cocktail paired with the calming sights and sounds of nature.

Define the purpose

As with any room, an outdoor space needs a purpose. Once that purpose has been identified, it will help guide the rest of the room. Entertaining guests? Arrange seating to perpetuate conversation. Or is the space intended for relaxation and meditation? Thoughtfully arranged plants and calming colors provide privacy and focus. Hoping to enjoy a meal al fresco? Create an outdoor dining room with tables and chairs. We’ve rounded up the essentials for a functionally designed loggia below.

Morning Coffee and Contemplation

Waking up to the smell of freshly roasted coffee mixed with salty sea air sets the right tone for any day. Multiple seating areas facing the expansive seaside allow for both quiet contemplation and leisurely breakfast conversation while taking in the calming view.

Late Afternoon Lounge

Generously sized sofas offer comfortable places to lie down for an afternoon nap in the shade. Curl up with a book, a blanket, and a four-legged friend while you admire the dappled sunlight and let time slow down.

Evening Cocktails with Neighbors

Is there a more welcome sight than a sprawling veranda? The veranda is the original outdoor room and an essential part of a Southern home before the advent of air conditioning. Comfortable seating, shade, and a cool evening breeze create the perfect environment for cocktails and conversation.

Al Fresco Entertaining

Casual conversational seating, a dining table with room for friends, and an area for serving favorite dishes create the ultimate environment for entertaining. Move seamlessly from cocktails, to dinner, to a late night swim.

Meditation Garden

The relaxing sounds of water and calming colors create a personal mindfulness retreat. Practice yoga on the lawn or relax in the shade and enjoy being in nature's presence.

Poolside Pavilion

An escape from the hot sun or a shelter during a passing rainstorm, a poolside pavilion offers protection from the elements. Whether enjoying a quick afternoon snack or a bottle of wine with friends, there is a cozy seat waiting.

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