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3 Reasons Handcrafted Furniture is Worth the Wait

Reason #1: Engineered to last for many generations, our outdoor furniture is innately sustainable.

Crafting things the best way often means the most difficult way, the way that simply takes more time. Our furniture is an heirloom quality product, and every frame comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is not the kind of aluminum outdoor furniture that is intended to be discarded and replaced due to wear or outdated trends. Rather, our sustainable outdoor furniture is crafted to endure, and intended to be passed down from one generation to the next. We are committed to producing a product that lasts and will have less impact on the environment in the long run.

Reason #2: We utilize the very best materials and technologies to ensure we are producing the most rust resistant outdoor furniture in the market.

We undertake measures unprecedented in the exterior furniture industry to ensure that McKinnon and Harris furniture fulfills the remarkable task of remaining outdoors year-round, in even the most demanding exterior environments. More than a quarter century of our research and development have led to the creation of the most effective, environmentally friendly coating applications for rust and corrosion resistance. We employ these exceptional high performance coatings to protect our uncompromising craftsmanship, resulting in rust resistant outdoor furniture that is unmatched in longevity and performance.

Reason #3: Performance and innovation are driving forces in our workshop, dictating a continual quest of how to craft a product to perform for a lifetime.

McKinnon and Harris is constantly testing new methods, enhancing coating applications, and improving standards to create the best estate furniture for aggressive climates. We are constantly seeking a better way to build things and reduce our carbon footprint. You can expect us to deliver the best in innovative outdoor furniture designs that last.

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