Inspired by the neoclassical designs of George Hepplewhite. We imagined a timeless, indispensable garden table – kind of like having our own mini butler. The inset tapered legs and apron are details inspired by a neoclassical sewing table.

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Remembering the convivial mood of our grandparent’s evening highball, we wanted to design a chair and sofa with arms wide and flat enough to hold a libation. We’ve always been dazzled by Scandinavian mid-century modernism. We named the Couper named for William Couper, our late 19th century sculptor ancestor, the Couper lends itself to bespoke dimensions.

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Named for Willis Cowling, our late 18th century Richmond cabinetmaking ancestor, the Cowling perfectly illustrates what our workshop’s master artisans call “hidden luxury”, where consummate craftsmanship and engineering create simplicity and subtle understatement.

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We named the Pharr for our great great grandfather David Pharr Robertson, whose Virginia home had the romantic name “Waveland”. The majestic sweep of the Pharr is emphasized by its dramatic minimalism.

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This high style contemporary table has characteristic McKinnon and Harris clean lined understatement. Ziggurat geometry inspired the stepped base edges. The Carroll name comes from our great grandmother’s brother-in-law, John W. Carroll, reputedly the very first millionaire in our home town. He was a cabinetmaker before he became a wealthy tobacconist so you know we love that!

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A baronial table, the Skye Dining Table offers all the gracious hospitality of that magical Hebridean Isle from which it takes its name. The dramatic flair of the substantial legs makes the table perfect for any grand setting.

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du Bosque

Our du Bosque Collection celebrates the transatlantic friendship of Huguette and Andre du Bosque and our Robertson grandparents. Tales of the du Bosque’s grand maison on the Avenue Montaigne, across from Christian Dior, fueled our childhood imagination. du Bosque curves pay homage to the incomparable French flair for fashion and Dior’s “New Look” of a wasp-like waist.

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duVal with Low Back

Our Low-Back duVal evolved from a panoramic Mediterranean view in Cap d’Antibes that could not be impeded. Our Low-Back duVal teams a lower profile with the sectional capabilities of its predecessor - our original iconic duVal. The panel of diagonal treillage set with a subtly stepped framed is standard with bespoke options also available.

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Feolin & Toler

Named for the Feolin Ferry that traverses the Sound of Islay, the only regular passenger vehicle service to the Hebridean Isle of Jura. This wild and remote island is noted for its native red deer population, and the slender proportions and contemporary linearity of the Feolin remind us of this untouched eternal place.

Our great-great-grandfather, Richard Henry Toler Adams, inspired our Toler Table. The banded column is a restrained detail we appropriated from a beautiful walking stick – a family gift marking the commencement of work on the Panama Canal in 1869.

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Our great great great grandfather was a surgeon in the War of 1812 and Lark was his favorite horse, his only steed that would stand under fire. We wanted to invoke this same kind of steadfast durability with a table designed to stand by a sofa.

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